We're Starting a Podcast!?

The secret is out. 

For the past week, while my friend Asia was in town visiting in Phoenix, we had been teasing about a big project we were working on together + would soon be releasing. 

If you don't know Asia, she is an amazing portrait photographer in San Luis Obispo, California, and she is also a killer business owner.

For the past year she has been my biz bestie, now turned biz partner. High five. 

Space to Face Podcast_advice for local business owners_Paige Poppe Artist podcaster_asia croson photographer

Our big project? A podcast. 

The Space to Face podcast to be totally accurate!

So why a podcast? A few reasons: 

1. Asia and I have a lot of experience + knowledge we want to share as creative business owners. We've both coached other creatives 1-on-1, but we felt that a podcast would be the best way for us to reach a larger audience so we could spread out dat love. 

2. We've soaked in all of the resources that are available for growing an online business, but we felt that there was something missing. There wasn't a ton of info out there for people to share their work in-person with their local community. 

And that's where the podcast comes in!

We can't wait to share how we build our presence both online (the space) and in person (face to face). 

If you'd like to get the first episodes when we launch (so soon!), you can sign up right here!

And because we love you, we'll also send you our webinar so you can learn How to Put Yourself Out There. Both in person, and online of course! 

Honestly, the support we have received on social media, from our friends, and during the webinar was overwhelming! We can't thank you enough for that. We are sharing our knowledge to benefit you, so hearing that you are pumped about it is so great for us to know! 

Until we launch, I'll be over here painting + hustling, and texting Asia 24/7 of course! 

Thank you again. I always send you guys positive + creative vibes, but you always send them right back.