Custom Skateboard Painting for Junkie Threads!

By painting custom skateboards, I get a lot of different design ideas from clients. It is so fun to turn your vision into a painted deck!

Some of my favorite decks have come from working with apparel brands. They have an existing logo + style, but are looking to mix things up! We work together to create an awesome creation that is fun + represents their brand. 

I was so stoked to work with the guys behind local Arizona apparel brand, Junkie Threads! The faces behind the biz are Estevan + Ryan, and we had a great time throwing ideas back and forth about their deck design! 

The guys gave me a lot of artistic freedom, which I always appreciate! There only request was to incorporate a logo from one of their rad tee designs. 

As you guys know, I have some mad love for Arizona, so I wanted this thing to scream AZ pride. I presented them with a ton of options, and let them decide!

I was secretly hoping they would pick my Camelback Mountain design (option A) because I've been wanting to do a deck of the mountain forever. So I was stoked when they did! 

We actually ended up combining designs A + B, by doing a new color scheme of the Arizona flag. This was something I hadn't thought of, so I was really excited when the guys suggested this. 

And then, I hit the studio, and hand-painted this baby! It was such a fun one to do. 

True life: free-handing a logo is always kind of tricky. I have to be really focused + try not to breathe too hard (LOL) but it always ends up being my favorite part of the painting experience. I love getting the logo to look just right. 

And here's the finished deck! I love the photo below because it shows the dimension I added within the stripes (which was totally Estevan's idea and I love. it.) 

Thanks to Estevan + Ryan at Junkie Threads for the awesome deck idea! I'm stoked to hear that they love how it turned out. And I always love a chance to represent AZ!

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!