Goal Setting: Week 2! aka we're doin this thang.

Hey guys! So, we're doing this.

I told you last week I had a new plan to write a goal-setting blog post each Monday, and so, we meet again! 

But, even better, we're gunna do this in video form! I have a not-so-secret love for editing videos, so I'll jump at any chance to film and edit a new one. 

In this video I'm:

1) Touching base with last week's goals to see if I achieved them 

2) Setting new goals for an upcoming week so it can be killer

3) Sharing some of my current watercolor work

Click below to watch + set your goals with me! 

So, it's your turn! 

Leave your goals for the week in a comment below

so you can have a productive + creative week ahead! 

Thanks so much for watching

 I look forward to seeing what we achieved next week!

P.S. Like I said last week, my friend Asia is sharing her weekly goals on her blog as well! We're all doin this thang.