Art Commissions, Special Footage, and Fitness! | Weekly Goals

FREEDOM!! Last week I was in the trenches of finishing my final architecture thesis project. Yes. I said it. I'm done! It still doesn't feel real. More on that later, on to today's video! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.22.05 PM.png

I'm loving this new routine of setting goals for the week ahead for myself. I LOVE that some of you shared goals for me in the comments section. I truly think that putting your ambitions down on paper (or typed out into the Internet world) totally makes things happen. 

So, I'm keeping it going and sharing 3 new goals for the week, and also recapping my goals from last week!

Also please enjoy some hilarious footage that reveals the delirious nature of architecture students everywhere. In fact, my friend just sent me a voice memo laughing at this video! The struggle is real. 

And here they are in writing so I totally do them + totally kill it: 

1. Catch up on my art commissions: Doing this as we speak!...or type rather, or read?

2. Get organized for graduation: This happens in 3 weeks. Um, excuse me what? 

3. Work out every day until my beach trip: Okay, so this is totally a stretch. BUT. I have an amazing new personal trainer + her Sweat Pretty bootcamp to attend, so I've taken action guys! I just don't know if I can work out every single day. Let's be honest, my arms would be crying...more than they already are. 

Set a goal, or 3, for yourself this week and kill. it. Wait let's reformat that.

Kill. It. 

And then tell me how amazing you are + how much you got done next week!