That time I launched my new website + really needed a tan...

First things first. You. guys. are. the. best. 

I am overwhelmed by the response to my new website. Each + every sweet comment totally made my day on Monday. I already had a ton of endorphins from working out at 6:30 AM that morning (who am I?) and then you guys just gave me so much love. So then I was like bouncing off the walls. But really, it means SO much, so thank you!

Coming off of that awesome high, I thought I would sit down to relax + catch up with you. I shared what I'm working on lately, and mildly freak out that I'm graduating next weekend. Next weekend? Oh my god. 

As always, I hope that these videos will encourage you to set some goals for yourself, and if you would like to voice them, I'd love if you shared your goal with me so you're accountable to achieve it! Because guess what? You are a #goalcrusher. Real talk. 

Since I've started recording these, I am more conscious of my goals, and can hear them in the back of my mind. And then I'm like oh yeah! I better hit the beach! Which P.S. I think is totally happening tomorrow, yesss. 

I know it's already Wednesday, but I hope you have the best week evaaa!