That time I painted flowers for a logo...

There is something to be said for a brand + creative business owners who seek out artists and analog work for their business. Let me explain. 

You may have seen this photo on my Instagram (@paigepoppe) of me at work on a painting of a rose.

This piece is the first step in a watercolor floral commission for Gathered Home!


Kelsi + Tiffani are the coolest mother-daughter duo behind their new online home boutique, Gathered Home, and they will also be offering interior design services! 

When I heard that the ladies wanted hand painted florals for their new logo, which is being designed by the fabulous Heidi from Idieh Design, I knew I would love to create art for them that reflected their brand.

I worked in watercolor + acrylic to create this rose, which is the first flower that will be in their logo! I documented the painting in steps so that we could look over the options together and see what amount of detail we loved best. 

Something you may know about me is that I am a pretty fast painter. This means that when I work in watercolor for my own designs, I tend to bust them out pretty quickly. 

However, this project is a fun challenge for me because we want to create flowers with a ton of detail to create depth in the painting. It has taught me to slow down with each piece while I paint, and I am really enjoying the process. 

The finished piece will be a collaborative effort that I know will really stand out. It is too easy these days to find cheap design services or remade graphics on the web, which is why I think Kelsi + Tiffani are so awesome for working with a graphic designer + artist to produce something very unique! 

In the coming weeks as I create the full floral painting + when Gathered Home launches, I will share the big reveal of their beautiful new logo!