You inspire me.

You inspire me. 

You wake up in the morning, perfect daylight streaming through your curtains. It's a new day. 

Before getting out of bed, you scroll through Instagram. This is, of course, totally necessary because each photo inspires you + excites you for the day ahead. 

You slip out of bed and walk down the hall with coffee on your mind. You pass by a collection of prints by your favorite artists, and stop to stare at your favorite piece. It's another form of inspiration for you, and it brings a smile to your face. 

In the kitchen, you pour yourself an iced coffee, bottled by your favorite little shop in town, that always tastes just right.

Sipping away, you sit down with your favorite notebook as of late. You have a huge collection of them, so you're always rotating, trying to find the perfect size that fits just right in your hands. 

You put pencil to paper, and spill out all of your new ideas that have hit you since the night before. You have a natural creative energy, further heightened by the caffeine, that leaves you excited and ready to create. 

Checking the time, you write down one last thought, and head to your closet. Throwing on a denim shirt and your favorite watch, you grab a sketchbook + your iPhone, and head out the door. 

You spin down the street on your treasured bicycle, off to meet your friend to catch up on life + brainstorm together. You always love being around each other to trade ideas and laugh until you cry. 

At your lunch spot,  you spot a hand painted skateboard on the wall. The unique shape catches your eye, and you stop to stare at the intricate strokes. You pull out your notebook, and make a note to find a piece like it for your gallery wall back at home. 

To Travel Is To Live Deck 2.jpg

As you admire the art, your friend taps you on the shoulder. After a quick, excited hug, you sit down, split a plate of sweet potato fries, and chat about the next adventure you're planning together. 

You have dreams of finally seeing the Amalfi Coast, and also Austin, Texas, so you're trying to figure out where to head first. The idea of waking up, chasing the sun, exploring, and collecting new treasures for your home excites you both. 


Leaving the restaurant, still chatting about your plans, you walk over to your favorite strip of galleries + antique shops to browse through history. You love touching all of the textures and sifting through the little collections. 

You pause at one gallery, excited because you see your favorite artists at work. You are always entranced when watching others at work. You love seeing them create and bringing their ideas of the world to life. 


You stop and talk to the artist. You can't help but ask her for more insight into the piece. Your curiosity is insatiable, and you want to know more.

She opens up to you, even pulling out her sketchbook to show you some preliminary sketches. You jump a little inside; she carries the same sketchbook as you?! She keeps talking and fills you up with inspiration. 

You thank her for her time, float out of the gallery, and walk down the street with your friend, buzzing about the experience and which art piece you will collect for your gallery wall next. 

You are hungry for inspiration. You view each day as a time full of opportunity. You are excited about the world.

You inspire me. 

x, Paige.png