That time I became an artist...

Yesterday someone asked me how I got started painting skateboards. It's a fun story, and I wanted to share it with you here! 

I was asked this question on Periscope. What's Periscope? Hands down my new obsession. It's an app where I can live stream to you while I paint, and answer your questions! It really feels like we're hanging out being BFF's + is totally the app I have been waiting for! 

Search for me @Paige Poppe on Periscope and add me so we can hang out! 

Okay, so back to this awesome question I got from a Periscoper!

How did I get started painting skateboard decks? 

And how has this evolved into my art business today? 

Okay so this story starts with me being a California-obsessed high schooler living in Arizona that desperately wanted to live by the beach and longboard everywhere. Cali brah. 

I learned how to longboard my junior year of high school. I bought my first longboard at Sidewalk Surfer, our local skate shop, and while it was awesome, I was like 

Uhhh...I wanna make my own. K thanks bye. 

So, that's what I did. I researched the crap out of blank longboards until I found one I loved on the east coast handcrafting these babies. Fun fact: I ended up working with this company for years to come once I got more serious with my skateboard art. 

The awkward part of this story is that I didn't paint my first deck. I wood burned it. Oops. You can see it above. Very Cali. I still have this deck + still love it! 

It wasn't until I painted a longboard that something really clicked. I painted this deck for Jake as a birthday gift. Jake was my best friend at the time, but now he's my boyfriend.

So now I can make the argument that painting skateboards not only became a passion, but also possibly, most likely, definitely, landed me a super-hot cool boyfriend years later. Definitely. 

Jake loved the deck, and my friends were like hey...I want one too! 

I started painting more decks as gifts, and eventually started offering custom skateboard deck paintings on Etsy when I was a sophomore in college. 

Check out this graphic from my first every Etsy listing. Gorgeous, I know. It wasn't perfect but the important thing about it was that  

I put myself out there.

After I listed this, I started getting custom deck orders. I was creating art and it become a job. I didn't realize it, but I was becoming an entrepreneur. And then I was like, 

Hey. this is COOL.

So that, my friends, is how all of this started. It's how I ended up here being a confident artist (painting skateboards and more) who wants to share her creations + passions with the world. Who wants to encourage + inspire you to do the same. Who is excited about life. 

Okay, I got really excited there. I am writing this post-coffee, so thank you iced black coffee for the enthusiasm.

Asia Croson Photography

Asia Croson Photography

I've shared this story in various interviews + videos before, but I loved sitting down to write it all out. I now feel grateful for where I'm at as an artist. And it's pretty cool to see how this fun high school/college hobby turned into this. 

Thanks for reading my story today! Sending you all the positive + creative vibes until my next post.