That time I painted the cutest coffee shop in San Luis Obispo

If you follow me on Snapchator Instagram @PaigePoppe, you'll know I moved back to Arizona this week! It's such an exciting time in my life, and I am SO excited to reunite with my creative community here. 

However, I've lived in San Luis Obispo, California. If you don't know of it, it's considered the happiest city in America, and is hands down one of the cutest places in the entire world. Contributing to this cuteness is the plethora of coffee shops in the downtown area, and Scout Coffee Co. is seriously one of the best. 

Before I moved away, I couldn't help but create a watercolor on one of the days I was hanging out there. The brick wall, the golden floral wall paper, the industrial shelving? Perfection.

I am super happy that I created this piece as a little memory of San Luis Obispo. I love Arizona so much, but San Luis will always be my second home.