That time I taught a watercolor workshop...

Last night I hosted a watercolor workshop via Periscope + you were amazing! The response was so awesome. I was so happy to hear that you enjoyed my lesson and are planning to get started on learning how to watercolor! 

Nothing is better than hearing that I inspire you. Seriously. 

P.S. Missed out on this workshop? Join my list + I will email you about the next one so you can join us!


I shared all of my recommended products in the workshop, but I was asked for them to be linked on the blog today as well, so here you are! 

Here are the products I recommend for getting started with watercolor!

  • Brush

Windsor & Newton Watercolor Brush Size 10

  • Paint Sets

Koi Watercolor Kit (Set of 18) or (Set of 24)

Windsor Newton also makes a super affordable watercolor set! YAY! I had no idea :) 

  • Individual Paints

Windsor Newton Cotman Paint (Cadmium Red)

Windsor Newton Paint (Ultramarine Blue)

Windsor Newton Paint Pan (Lemon Yellow)

  • Paper

Strathmore Watercolor Postcards

Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook

  • Pencils

Drawing Pencil Set (includes the 4H pencil I recommended) 

I also am linking the video above, which I filmed a few months ago. I explain all of the watercolor supplies in depth in case you need more info! 

I hope you guys will get your supplies together + get creating! Remember that your paintings don't need to be perfect. Painting can be very meditative, so just enjoy the experience!


Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way!