Last Week's Art Pop-Up at Desoto Central Market

I am a firm believer in taking your online business off the computer + into the real world. I have made great friendships online, and it is always fun to have art pop-up shops to share my art and run into friends. There is definitely something special about being able to pick up the tangible pieces + prints, and look at artwork in person!


Desoto Central Market is one of the coolest new spots in downtown Phoenix, and there are a bunch of vendors that come out and share their creations each weekend.


 I was there on a Friday and it was so fun to hang out, eat dinner from the restaurants within the market, and hang out with friends that stopped by!


I was selling my prints + originals until about 9:30, and then hung out for longer with Jake + family to enjoy the music and atmosphere! Later in the night there was live music from a big band and swing dancing. It was a great vibe.


Afterwards I was craving ice cream and had been dying to try out Melt in DT PHX. I know I know, everyone and their mother in Phoenix had probably already been to Melt, but I've only been living permanently in Arizona for a few weeks now, so I am still trying out all of the best spots I've missed! 

Guys...if you're ever in Phoenix, get yoself to Melt. Jake + I shared an ice cream flight, which is a legit 6 muffin tin full of fortune cookies and 5 different flavors of ice cream so you can sample them all. I may or may not have already been back a couple times in the last week...


And I have good news! I will be at Desoto again with my artwork this Friday August 7th, for First Fridays! You don't know how excited I am to do a First Fridays that isn't outside in the heat. I would love to see you there so come on out + say hi!