Art Supplies I Recommend + How I Photograph Art Prints | VLOG

You guys are frequently asking me for more behind-the-scenes and how-to types of posts, so I have a good one for you today! 

If you follow me on Snapchat (@PaigePoppe), you'll know that I have been very active on the app! I really love sharing my day-to-day workflow with you guys there, but I've always felt weird about it, because I felt that it was replacing my Youtube vlogs. 

I had the biggest DUH moment this week that I could just film my Snapchats horizontally, and turn each day into a vlog, and I am loving the result!

P.S. If you are a creative entrepreneur already using Snapchat for business, I highly recommend repurposing your snaps for videos on your blog. It was so fast to edit in iMovie (I just added my end screen) and I was good to go.

And now I get to share the content with more people and it isn't just vanishing after 24 hours! 

Anyway, click below to watch my trip to Michael's to pick up new painting supplies, and some other projects I work on in a typical day! 

How do you like this style of vlogs? Please let me know! I know the quality ain't great, but I feel like its better to have vlogs than no vlogs, yeah?