Painting Workshop Prep + Zine Night! | Video Diary

Shout out to all the girlbosses out there who are a one woman show. You rule. 

Yesterday I was prepping for a local painting workshop I am teaching on Saturday, and it was quite a busy day. Part of the hustle of owing your own business is wearing many hats, so I am always doing a lot of different things :) 

It's a one woman show over here, but I gotta keep the hustle going until I can build a team!

I also hosted another online Periscope workshop last night to teach watercolor, so thank you to those who joined + painted along with me! 

Click below to watch my daily video diary: 

How funny was it that I stumbled across that zine night?! I totally want to join them for the next one! Such a funny coincidence because I had literally just finished up my zine + sent it to print. 

Which reminds me that today is the last day to pre-order my watercolor zine + get the early bird price! After today, the price will raise. So make sure you snag your copy!