Seeing something come to life in print is quite special. 

I think I have written that sentence more than a few times lately, but it really is true. I have painted this zine along with you guys on Periscope, laid out the page format, proofed multiple copies with my printer, all to end up with a pretty cool final product. 

The best part has been hearing + reading comments of how excited you guys are to receive it. So I hope you love it! 

Yesterday I picked up the zines from my printer, signed the inside cover (and wrote some little notes) and mailed them out! 

Click below to watch my video diary for the day: 

If you haven't picked up my zine "Flora + Fauna" yet, get your copy before they run out! 

Thank you for all the support + fun that this project has been. Sending positive + creative vibes your way!