Sundays are perfect for hanging out, having fun, and doing a little Monday planning. 

These days I have really enjoyed straight chilling with my Jake + my friends on the weekends. We've been watching multiple episodes of Chopped, comic book shopping, and this weekend Gabe and I even filmed a challenge video together. 

I balance out all of this fun with a little bit of work here + there, usually on Sunday nights. I enjoy getting prepped for Monday so I can relax + then jump into my to-do list at the start of the new week. 

This week is going to be particularly busy for me, so doing a little brain dump to clear my head and visualize everything that needs to get done was a huge help. 

Click below to watch Sunday's video diary: 

Have you ordered your copy of my watercolor zine "Flora + Fauna" yet? Today I saw it in print for the first time, and it was seriously so cool to see it come to life. I can't to hear what you think!