The Importance of Creative Friendships

Having a friend who is also a creative business owner is like the ultimate secret weapon. 

If you are going at it alone in your business, you might feel lonely, or you might not even know what you are missing out on. Real talk. 

After I met my friend Asia Croson, my business totally changed. I was more motivated, encouraged, creative, and knowledged. And I had made a new lifelong friend to boot!

The Importance of Creative Friendships_Asia Croson and Paige Poppe.png

In this video, we talk all about just how important our friendship has been to our lives + our businesses.

We also share how to make your own creative friendships! Just get out there!

Click below to learn about our story + hear our tips: 

We both believe in the value of online + local friendships. It is SO great to have a support system in a close friend. 

If you know me, you know that I moved away from San Luis Obispo in July, and now live in Arizona. Funny enough, Asia and our friend Mallory are on  their way to Arizona today!

We have a lot of fun plans (both fun + business) and are announcing something BIG soon, so stay tuned! 


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Good luck finding those awesome people that will build you up in your life and business!