My Day Planner Set-Up for the New Year

Fail to plan, plan to fail. 

It sounds extreme, but I would literally be a sitting duck without my planner and completely forget what I needed to get done on a given day! I am all about planning + goal-setting, and today I am sharing my new planner set up for 2016 that helps me get it all done. 

I had been wanting some more flexibility, customize-ability (is that a word?) with my planner, so when Day Designer announced they were releasing an A5 binder style planner, I knew I had to make the switch. 

Click below to watch my planner set-up video that helps me stay organized + run my business: 

I should note that I also use Google Calendar to block out my schedule so that clients can see easily when I am available and book with me. I balance back + forth between the digital and physical planning, but a paper planner is what I love to use most! 

What do you use to stay organized? It's definitely something that I nerd out on. My friend Mo also got these new A5 pages, and when we met up for coffee this week, we totally had fun comparing our planners and the different ways we set up + organize them :)