Haven't Listened to our Podcast? Join Us!

If you are a business owner, I really want to share this with you. 

Space to Face is our podcast. Whose podcast? Asia Croson + I's. This is a podcast for passionate creatives + entrepreneurs who are looking to bridge the gap between your online space, and meeting face-to-face. 

Starting this podcast, and racking up a ton of advice-filled, actionable episodes was one of our biggest accomplishments of 2015!

Asia and I felt that there was a bit of a disconnect between our online + offline worlds as business owners. We felt called to share our perspective, and couldn't really keep it to ourselves any longer, haha! 

In today's video, I wanted to share a bit more about our podcast, and why I invite you to listen if you haven't already. 

Click below to watch + learn more:

We've loved every Snapchat, Tweet, Instagram comment, email, Periscope comment, phone call, or in-person feedback we'e heard about the podcast so far. It means so much to us that you are joining the conversation, changing the way you run your business, and are enjoying life as a business owner that much more. 

Now that we're starting to welcome guests onto the show, it's getting even juicier, and we are hearing more real-world perspectives from business owners. I am so pumped. 

You can listen to our show by subscribing on iTunes or Soundcloud, just search for 'Space to Face'. 

To make it even easier, you can join our list at SpacetoFace.com, and you will get new episodes right into your inbox each week when we drop a new episode. 

And if you're already a listener, we love you! Thanks so much for tuning into our show! 

Finally, Happy Friday! I am sending all the positive + creative vibes your way, of course. Tomorrow is Jake's 24th birthday, so we will be celebrating with good eats with his family + our friends. I am also displaying + selling my art at a local event on Saturday, to celebrate the grand opening of a new home development in Arcadia, Arcadia Heights. More details here!  On Sunday I'll be hanging out with fam, going to a bootcamp with my best friend, and meeting with a lovely client (that is also a friend!) Space to Face in action right there. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you next Tuesday with a new video right here on my blog.