A Tip for Sparking Your Creativity

While I was sketching over my holiday vacation, I realized something. I am able to fill a sketchbook way faster than I was able to in the past. In fact, I was never really able to fill a whole sketchbook at all. I have a shelf full of empty sketchbooks to prove it. 

Luckily, that has changed this year. Here's why:

I created a video to share my thoughts on how I think I changed my creativity, and am able to come up with more ideas and get the drawing ideas out of my head. 

Click below to watch me share my tips:

These couple of things have made a huge difference for me, and I'm itching to sit down with my sketchbook again later this afternoon!

I am curious if you have different methods/tips for getting your creative juices flowing. I know they may be different for other creatives, like a photographer or musician, but either way I would love to hear them! Please share one or more with me in the comments sections. Always fun to hear from you! 

Thanks so much for reading + watching :) Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way today!