The First Work Week of the New Year

I think it was hard for all of us to get back to our desks this week + hunker down after such a long break of relaxation and holiday fun. 

For an entrepreneur, it's easy to keep working when your laptop (or paintbrushes) are sitting right next to you. Luckily for me, my mom always takes off 2 weeks at this time of year, so I really get a chance to relax and spend time with my family.


Not gonna lie, Monday and part of Tuesday were a bit rough to get back into the swing of things. But that changed! 

I can say that this has been one of the best week's of my journey as an entrepreneur. I talked about this on Episode 007 of our podcast , but when you first start out as a business owner, you are really creating all of the momentum around you + your business. The past few months were the first time where I felt like more opportunities/clients were coming to me, rather than having to seek them out. Which is an amazing feeling. I started out this year working with new clients who are familiar with my work + my style, and it feels more effortless than usual. I'm really hoping to get more of these vibes in 2016.

I started off the very beginning of the New Year participating in a New Year's Eve art show in downtown Tempe. An outdoor art show, live music, and a group of good friends is my kind of party. I displayed my piece "The Context of Camelback" amongst a group of very talented artists. It was an honor. 


Besides the business change I mentioned above, my health + fitness progress are really making a difference in my life as an entrepreneur. I started with a new personal trainer in Scottsdale in October or November, and I have so much more energy...which translates into more energy and positivity towards my business. I've finally gotten to that point where I actually look forward to going to the gym. Hell yes! is how I feel about that. After I wrap up drafts of a watercolor logo for a current client today, I'll be heading to the gym. And also, getting better sleep pays off too! 


I don't know what it is lately, but my obsession with pink is going strong. It shouldn't surprise me because pink was my favorite color + the color of my bedroom in high school, but its definitely reemerged full force. You saw my hot pink top above, and I also shared this photo on my Instagram yesterday as a little painting color palette inspo. I spotted this scene in Jake's back outdoor area on his neighbor's wall. I just died for the color combination and the perfect placement of these oranges. It was like they were waiting for me to take a photo. 

See what I mean? More pink, even in lipstick form. This shade is from Gerard Cosmetics, btw. 

These shades of pink popped up in a larger painting I was working on as well. I shared a lot of photos of this piece in progress on my Snapchat (PaigePoppe) and Instagram (@PaigePoppe), so hop over there if you're curious. This piece felt like I was scratching an itch. A really satisfying feeling of getting a piece out of my head that had been in there for a week or so. Feels great to get it out! 

If you saw my blog post yesterday, you know I also shared an advice video on How to Spark Your Creativity. The image above is one of my sketches from that wonderful, messy process. I really was never much of a sketcher, I swear. I am typically down to jump right into the painting that I have in my head or get commissioned to create. But the sketching process is really giving me better judgement of my work, and is teaching me to have a little more patience. 

Phew! I did not expect to write this post. You guys know I don't love writing, but these thoughts were happening and I felt like reflecting on them a bit. I think it would be too cool to do a little weekly recap like this, but for now I'm just going to enjoy the process. If words want to start coming out, I will let them out, but not force myself to stick to a writing schedule or something, ya feel? 

I hope you got a chance to take some time to reflect this week, either on what you learned from 2015, or what you are hoping to bring into your life this year. Thanks so much for reading today + being on this journey with me!