Organizing My Art Studio + Scrapbooking! ♥ Video

After all of the wonderful Phoenix Flea craziness was over this weekend, Jake and I spent some time on Sunday shopping for new furniture to organize my art studio.

I touched on this in a post on my Instagram today, but I am always aware of how much my environment impacts my creativity and motivation. I have been pretty content with my home studio since we moved into our condo in May, but all of a sudden I was working at the kitchen table, more than I was at my own desk. So obviously, it was time to freshen things up!

It was a fun day activity to go out and buy the pieces and set them up together. So far we have gotten the cube storage unit in, but I will also be adding a new table, reorganizing the closet we have in the office here, and just freshening up the decor a bit.

All of our Sunday adventures, as well as my Monday work day and scrapbooking night with my friend Laura are in today's vlog! Click below to watch:

Even though I'm not 100% done, the change I feel in this room is amazing! I am currently writing this blog post from my desk, so that's already a good sign...ha! Once the space is totally done, I will be sure to film + share a studio tour of the entire space :) 

Thank you so much for watching!