My Hand Painted Ornaments for the 2016 Holiday Season!

Hi friends! I'm feeling festive over here and it's only November 4th!

Today I released my hand painted ornaments for this holiday season. I was inspired to play with colors + paint techniques, but also add a desert touch to each ornament.

Tis the season! I hope you enjoy my ornaments for this year. Click below to see them in action with all the pretty details: 

Each ornament is hand painted, signed on the back in gold, and strung from a white wool + gold cord for hanging. This cord is too cool also, because it has some wire inside that makes it super bendable and sturdy. Perfect for hanging on the tree, or somewhere else in  your home. 

Each ornament is a unique original. No two ornaments are alike!

It has been so fun to see how each ornament comes to life and where the paint takes it.

I hope you love this year's design, and I'm really looking forward to sharing them and adding a piece of art to your holidays.

Ornaments can be purchased right here! And local pickup is also available. If you want more details on that, please read the info on an ornament page, or feel free to email me.  

Thank you so much for watching and happy (early) holidays!