Sharing my life as an artist with you really is a joy. I know I like to watch the nitty-gritty behind the scenes of someone's life as a business owner, so I'm pretty pumped about this video. 

I filmed this vlog last week on a typical day for me, when I knew I would be painting a lot and it would be actually interesting ;) Speaking of vlogging, I have totally been on the hunt for a new vlogging camera. I have my eye on the perfect one, I am just waiting to make the leap. I want to make sure I can commit myself to daily or every-other-day vlogging, but overall I think it will be too fun! 

Click below to watch this week's vlog: 

Tomorrow I'll be styling a photoshoot (!), recording a podcast interview with our friend Jamie Hyatt while she is in SLO visiting Asia, and also doing a Valentines art market! Find me at Desoto Central Market on the 13th selling my originals + prints. It's Valentines Day themed, so I will be stocked up with my Desert Candy collection!

And then Sunday is already Valentines Day! Originally I wanted to take a day trip somewhere, but the weather in Scottsdale this week has been just BEYOND. 87 degrees + sunny? Yes, please. Jake and I are planning to do some outdoor activities, get acai bowls (my fav) and end with a nice dinner together...AKA a good excuse to eat Italian food!

 I hope you have a fun weekend planned! Enjoy!

x, Paige signature.png