DIY: Lazy Susan Art Supply Storage

Are your art supplies scattered everywhere? Me too, me tooooo. 

Well, at leas they were! I wanted to create a solution for all of my supplies I need to have on-hand. Of course I have more drawers stocked with extra brushes, paint, and markers, but these are my every day tools. I would often misplace them or find them lying around my workspace.

My go-to storage for the last year to store my various pens + paintbrushes were mason jars, but when they got shifted around on my desk, it started to look messy. So, I decided to attach them to something permanently. A lazy susan was the perfect solution so the items in the back would still be accessible with a quick spin. 

The steps are straightforward, so anyone could make this, and I think the overall idea is what makes this DIY special! Click below to watch my video tutorial on how to make your own:

This project has really cleaned up my workspace, which is always a plus because it gives me more space to create! Plus, I always feel like if everything has a proper spot, you're more likely put things away and keep everything tidy. And less time searching for supplies = more time creating. 

lazy susan storage diy_2.jpg

So, do you think you'll try it for your own workspace?! If so, I would love to see it! Please tweet me a photo or tag me on Instagram! My username is @PaigePoppe on both platforms. 

I think these will turn out really unique because everyone will have their own collection of jars they've found. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks so much for reading :)