Getting an Art Studio + PO Box Unboxing! ♥ VLOG

This day was one for the books! I still can't believe this happened! I am so grateful to have a new art studio in Scottsdale. Thank you to everyone who excitedly Snapchatted me back with congratulations when I announced this on there! I feel like you guys are in this journey with me, and it is really cool to have friends all over the world. 

I also unboxed everything in my PO box (so fun!) and designed a couple new prints! The first is available, and in a moment of wit last night, I titled it "Prickly in Pink"...ha! It is now available in my shop as an 8x10 fine art print! I hope you love these new pieces. 

Thanks so much for watching! So excited to share photos + vlogs from this new space with you!