Doing the 100 Day Project? 100 Days of Art Making!

Have you heard of The 100 Day Project by Elle Luna?

After choosing the path to becoming an artist and writing her book "The Crossroads of Should and Must" she started this project. Basically, it involves 100 days of making. In my case, it will be 100 days of art making. 

It took some reflection to decide if I was ready to take on this challenge, but I am going to do it! I think challenging ourselves creatively is where the magic happens, and I am very excited to be joining in this year.

In this video I am explaining more about the project, feedback I have gotten from artist friends who have done the challenge in the past, and how I will be approaching it as a full-time artist. Click below to watch:

I'd love to know if you've heard of the project before, if you've done it in the past, and if you'll be taking it on this time around. I know it won't be easy, but I am really looking forward to seeing it unfold, and sharing the journey with you.

I will be sharing the process on my Instagram @PaigePoppe, and on this dedicated page of my website which I just added! I would love to have you follow along.  

Thanks so much for watching!