California Art Show Installation + Travel ♥ VLOG

I love the ability to travel to another state and install an art show, but still share it with you! This vlog is from my recent trip to San Luis Obispo, California to install my art show at Sally Loo's. It is a beautiful cafe in town that I was honored to share my work at. The show will be on display for 2 months until May 31st. If you're in the area I hope you'll stop in and see it! 

It was also so wonderful to see a bunch of my friends while I was in town! Both my entrepreneur friends + college friends, so it was basically the best. Can't wait for my next getaway! It always leaves me inspired + refreshed. 

Thanks so much for watching!

Art Galleries + San Luis Obispo ♥ VLOG!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my boyfriend visited me in San Luis Obispo a couple weeks back. I go to school in SLO, and Jake lives in our home state of Arizona, so it's always fun when he comes into town!

BLOG 6.jpg

I figured it would be a great weekend to film a vlog, because I would be going to all of the fun outdoorsy places with Jake that I normally don't get around to visiting when I'm caught up with school. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.13.10 PM.png

I also had a couple of art galleries that weekend, which I was very excited about, so it was an even more ideal weekend to film so I could share it with you! 

Just click below to watch our weekend adventures + take in the seriously beautiful scenery. Like, OMG I'm dying. 

I loved this weekend I spent with Jake. Just a few days before, I had watched one of my favorite YouTubers encourage her viewers to go explore in her weekend adventure video. It reminded me that I should go out + enjoy more of the things my own town has to offer, even if someone isn't in town visiting! 

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Sending positive + creative vibes your way! 

I'm in New York!

Hey friends! I've been a bit quiet around here the past few days since the launch of my Technicolor Botanical collection , because I've been traveling with my architecture studio in New York City! It's my first time here, so we've been busy exploring everything we can in just 3 ays. On Tuesday we are off to Boston + New Haven, so it's quite the big spring break trip! 

I recently picked up this Keith Haring tee in the men's sale section of Urban Oufitters. I love his artwork and had been eyeing some of his tees, so I was stoked to see this one on sale. I also was down to buy it now that I was actually going to New York City, haha! I promise I didn't pack this baby in my suitcase tho...don't want to look too touristy, except my giant camera on my arm gives that away anyway ;) 

Thank you guys so much for the love on my new watercolor collection! I am so excited to see you snagging prints, and can't wait to see them in your homes! 

I should have a new YouTube video up Tuesday, if I find a good enough wi-fi connection by then! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!