Amsterdam Photo Diary

IMG_9293 I think it's clear from these photos that Amsterdam had great sense of life and color. There was always a surprise around every corner, be it the carnival in the middle of the city or the splatter painted chair in front of a shop. Amsterdam is probably on the top of my list of places I would return to if I had the chance. It was full of fun + history. Speaking of which, one of the highlights of the trip for me was going to the Van Gogh museum. Besides having a huge collection of his paintings, there were lots of displays + videos that talked about how he worked and his materials. It was amazing! So of course, I totally recommend Amsterdam to anyone considering going there.




// Van Gogh Museum, a page from his sketchbook






// Lasercut studio


This completes all of my blog posts about my recent Prague + Amsterdam trip, and I hope you enjoyed all of the photos and outfits! If you would like any more specific information about where to stay/eat/shop etc. feel free to comment or email me at! Thanks for reading, x. Paige


Neon in the Netherlands


Being in Amsterdam last week was so amazing, and I loved being in a more colorful street style environment. I love everything about Copenhagen and am always happen to come home after a trip, but I also really enjoyed the vibe in Amsterdam. Everyone wore more colors + prints, and weren't afraid to mix loud pieces. I happened to pack my neon Neff beanie and paired it on this drizzly day with a graphic tee for a fun look. I scored the Cheap Monday top at Weekday, a store I love window shopping in, for 30 Danish kroner or around 6 US dollars. I was so excited because I've always wanted a classic Cheap Monday tee to add to my collection!









Amsterdam, like Prague, had a lot of great sites to check out, but it was even better because it had more life + cultural that wasn't completely centered on tourism. Since it is also a city surrounded by concentric canals, there was always a pretty backdrop of water wherever you went, and bridges to travel across. More photos of the sites and landscape will be up tomorrow! x. Paige

beanie // Neff
graphic tee // Cheap Monday via WEEKDAY
rain jacket // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen
ripped jeans // Monki
combat boots // Steve Madden


Amsterdam Video Diary

amsterdam title video Hi loves! So I am back from my amazing trip to Prague + Amsterdam! We got so lucky with beautiful warm weather [a nice break from København] and had a great time experiencing both cities. While I work on sifting through my photos to share the best ones with you, I thought I would post a video I made of our Amsterdam adventures! I wasn't too focused on filming on this trip, but I actually really love that this video is short + sweet and just reminds me of some of the fun things we did. Enjoy!


Thanks so much for watching! Will post outfits and photos from both cities soon, x. Paige

Tell Me About Amsterdam + Prague!

amsterdam One amazing aspect of studying abroad in Europe is that we get the opportunity to travel around pretty frequently + easily, without spending too much on travel! Luckily my program gets quite a few travel breaks, and my next stop will be hitting up Amsterdam and Prague with 2 of my girlfriends!

What I want to know is, have you ever visited either of these locations? If so, I'd love to hear your recommendations! We will be in Prague for 2 days and Amsterdam for 4 and would love to know the best local spots to check out.


Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

I also wanted to show you a new feature I've added to the blog. Since I will be traveling around a lot this year, I thought it would be fun to be able to come to Punkrockparti and know where I'm at. So, check out the right hand side bar for my "Currently In" map [under the navigation buttons] and you'll always be up to date! I hope you like this interactive feature.

x. Paige

currently in copenhagen