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Exploring the impeccable design store MUNK // A sunset walk home, appreciating Denmark's efficient street lights // A bike spotted on a lake trail in Christiania // Jumping off of Bjarke Ingels Group's Harbour Bath! Super exhilarating, fun, and cold.





Building facade in the famous Newhavn // A display for art becomes an architectural element inside the Black Diamond Library // A pop-up booth in Nørrebro. I am still unsure of what the purpose of it was. I have a love for neon plexi, which I touched upon yesterday. // Another from our walk by the lake in Christiania, which was so relaxing.

Life lately has been about traveling and exploring, while fitting in school work on the side. I kid...kinda. I am enjoying having more free time this semester compared to the usual rigor of my school work to get to know Copenhagen. The past couple of days have been rainy and we have 2 projects due in studio tomorrow, so I am looking back at these photos fondly.

P.S. I am thinking of making this a weekly series on the blog, where I share my favorite 8 snapshots with you! I like sitting down to go through and select which photos I want to edit, and I get to relive the memories. If you would like to see my other "snapshots" post from Copenhagen, check it out!

x. Paige