Skateboard Deck: Oldsmobile

I'm proud to say I finished my last skateboard deck! I was a little worried about finishing this painting before I left for Denmark because I thought the lettering would be difficult, but luckily a spurt of confidence enabled me to finish just in time. This deck was requested by a client in Canada (it is so cool to be sending these out internationally) as a gift for his best man. It was an honor to create this special of a present. My reference image was sent to me by the client of the car, and we went from there!

IMG_6249 2






Unfortunately this is my last painted skateboard deck for a while. It will be too difficult for me to find supplies and work on shipping costs from here, but perhaps this will give me a chance to work on some other art forms. Until then, you can check out my other skateboard decks at my art section or see what's currently offered in my Etsy shop!

Thanks so much for checking out and appreciating my work! x.

P.S. The wi-fi has been a lot trickier to deal with here in Denmark than I originally planned. I have also been super busy with orientation, but I imagine when I start working on campus next week when school starts, I will have a much easier time!