Prague Punk

IMG_9092 It's no secret that I love this tee, and it worked as a good layering piece during our travel week. On this day in Prague, we walked across the Charles Bridge to check out the John Lennon wall. From what I know it doesn't have too much historical significance, but there are layers and layers of paint that have been built up since the 1980's. While we checked out all of the art and messages people had left behind, we noticed a lot of punk references, so I had to snap some pictures since I was rocking my Zara shirt. So much punk in Prague!








As you can tell by how much I've been wearing it lately, I'm pretty obsessed with this cardigan I found at Vero Moda. I was never really a cardigan person in the past, but since warmth has become more of a necessity lately, I love that it keeps me cozy but still shows off any top I pair with it! It's fun how traveling + moving around can change your style...I think that actually might be my favorite thing about fashion! Thanks for stopping by today, xx. Paige

Noveau Punk tee // Zara cardigan // Vero Moda, similar bodycon skirt // PacSun combat boots // Steve Madden tights // H&M, Copenhagen sunnies // Forever 21 backpack // leather shop, Copenhagen


Prague Photo Diary

IMG_8864 I highly recommend Prague in the fall. Although it was a very touristy place, the changing leaves were gorgeous and it was super warm for October. My friends and I had a great time walking all around the city and checking out the sites. The city is one of the easiest to navigate that I have come across in my travels so far, and you can do so completely on foot. The food was also delicious + cheap, which is always a plus for college students bumming around in hostels! Definitely a must-see for 2 or 3 days if you find yourself on a Eurotrip!









Interested in more photos of Prague? Check out my latest outfit post in Prague, and stay tuned for another tomorrow! I'll also be sharing my recommendations of each city I've visited soon!

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you had a great Halloween! x. Paige

Travel Style in Prague

IMG_8945 Since I have been fortunate enough to be traveling out of Copenhagen about every 2 weeks, it has been important for me to have a go-to, easy travel outfit that keeps me comfortable on early morning plane rides. This sweater + leggings combo is what I've been wearing on the first day of many trips. Besides being cozy, I like that the 2 pieces are basics that I can mix and match with different pieces that I pack for the week. I wore this off the plane and then explored Prague for the day with my friend Elsa! These beautiful shots are from the lookout next to Prague Castle.








The next trip I am looking forward to is Paris! As much as I love a good sweater with leggings combination, I was inspired by this blogger's travel outfit because she achieves simplicity with more style. Since Paris is such a fashionable place, I will be trying to put together a travel outfit that is not only comfortable, but also fashion forward!

sweater // H&M, Scottsdale snakeskin leggings // WalMart combat boots // Steve Madden sunnies // Forever 21 scarf // H&M, Copenhagen

Tell Me About Amsterdam + Prague!

amsterdam One amazing aspect of studying abroad in Europe is that we get the opportunity to travel around pretty frequently + easily, without spending too much on travel! Luckily my program gets quite a few travel breaks, and my next stop will be hitting up Amsterdam and Prague with 2 of my girlfriends!

What I want to know is, have you ever visited either of these locations? If so, I'd love to hear your recommendations! We will be in Prague for 2 days and Amsterdam for 4 and would love to know the best local spots to check out.


Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

I also wanted to show you a new feature I've added to the blog. Since I will be traveling around a lot this year, I thought it would be fun to be able to come to Punkrockparti and know where I'm at. So, check out the right hand side bar for my "Currently In" map [under the navigation buttons] and you'll always be up to date! I hope you like this interactive feature.

x. Paige

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