Architecture Tour to Switzerland, Austria + more!

As promised, I am here to share photos from my recent architecture study tour with you today! We traveled to 5 countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, and a quick stop in Lichtenstein. Besides getting to see so many designs that I have only learned about from photos and websites, the landscapes were absolutely gorgeous and made the trip so perfect. I also enjoyed comparing all of the different city layouts and cultures. It made returning to Copenhagen at the end of the week feel great too because I felt like Copenhagen was still my favorite city I have ever visited and it was nice to be home! I hope you like all of these photos! I think I will also take some time this week to share some of my sketches from the trip with you because I have been practicing a ton! Enjoy!

bregenz 4

bregenz 5

Kunsthaus Bregenz // Peter Zumthor

bregenz 3

bregenz 2

Voralberg Museum

After flying in to Zurich, we started out the tour in Bregenz, Austria. This was our first Zumthor stop of the trip (which we fondly named the "zumTour" by the end of the week) to see Kunsthaus Bregenz. This building didn't dissapoint and the lighting inside was soft and bright. I also liked the next door Voralberg Museum. I didn't go inside, but the plaster facade was spotted with bumps made from molds of plastic water bottles, which I found very unique.




Next we stayed in the hill town of Dornbirn in Austria. One morning, we woke up early and hiked for 3 hours in the Alps. It was quite the feat (very vertical let me tell you) but the scenery was worth it. At the top, we had lunch inside the Panorama Restaurant. We were literally in the clouds at that point so we couldn't see the view while we ate, but luckily we rode a gondola down the mountain later and got to sneak a peek.

vals 4

vals 1

vals 9

Therme Vals // Peter Zumthor

We then made our way over to Vals, Switzerland to stay at Hotel Therme Vals and experience the thermal baths firsthand. I honestly don't even have words to describe what Vals was like. The combination of the scenery and getting to be relax in the water was so relaxing and amazing. I think it's my new favorite destination and I would recommend that everyone visit there. It's like heaven honestly.

P.S. I've posted more pictures from Vals and what I wore here.




chapel 4

Before heading out of the Austria/Switzerland area we made a stop at the third Zumthor site, Church San Benedteg in Sumtvig, Switzerland. After our bus driver maneuvered us up the mountain in a death-defying manner, we arrived at this picturesque town where the chapel was seamlessly situated into the rock. All of Zumthor's buildings have great details, but the joinery of this one was particularly beautiful. The unique shape of the building is also meant to prevent a build up of snow in the winter time to protect it, because the rectangular church that was previously on the site was swept away by an avalanche.






The stop I was most excited for on the trip was Herzog + de Mueron's Vitra Haus in Whilm am Rhein, Germany. The architecture was everything I expected than more. The way that the spaces intersected created a lot of interesting moments, and while I thought this would result in confusing navigation through the building, it was actually very easy to locate yourself. Another highlight is all of the Vitra furnishings displayed inside, which complemented the white walls and wood floors so well. Although it's a museum, I wish it was my home. So chic!

P.P.S. Don't miss my outfit from Vitra Haus, here! vitra 14


vitra 4

Another building on the Vitra Campus (it's full of famous works by big architects) was Zaha Hadid's Fire House. This was the first Zaha building I had ever seen in person and I was so pleasantly surprise. My friends are probably sick of hearing me say that, but after years of people critiquing her work and a recent article I read that bashed it, my expectations weren't very high. I ended up really loving the spaces she had created, and although people said the shifted perspectives made them feel sick, I didn't have that reaction and totally enjoyed it. It ended up being a highlight of my trip because it was so unexpected.





A final stop of the tour before flying out, was a quick border-cross into France to see the legendary La Chapelle de Ronchamp by the man AKA Le Corbusier. The entire footprint of the chapel was much bigger than I expected, but the inside is still small and intimate, which I had read about it before. It was so cool to hang out here even if it was only for hour. Afterwards, we drove back into Switzerland (I seriously lost track of how many borders we crossed) and flew home to CPH!

This was such a great trip and I say it a lot, but I feel so lucky to get to visit, experience, and sketch all of these places that I have only dreamed about seeing before. I recommend going to any of the sites we went to, even if you aren't too interested in architecture! If you would like to see any more shots from these buildings or are curious about other places on our itinerary (I didn't include quite a few buildings) just let me know! Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time, x. Paige