Painting Arizona: Camelback Mountain Timelapse Painting

Sometimes the canvas holds the painting, and you have to uncover it. 

That was the case with this piece. I had held onto this 4 foot piece of reclaimed wood for a while, forgot about it, and when I pulled it back out again I knew it was just waiting to be a mountain landscape. 

Of course Camelback Mountain is one of my favorite subjects. I can see the tip from my driveway, and get a gorgeous look at it every time I ride my bike in my neighborhood or go for a drive. It has such a special presence in the valley, and I have learned how grounded being surrounded by the mountains makes me feel. 

I am excited to share the painting process of this piece with you today! Click below to watch my video:

Does any part of your landscape make you feel like home? 

Thank you for letting me share this piece with you today! It is now available in my shop, and I can't wait for a collector to be the new owner of this special piece. 


Today I thought I'd share a watercolor I painted recently, which combines two of my favorite things, cacti + rainbows. It's no secret that succulents are trending right now, but something about cacti reminds me of my home state of Arizona, so it brings me a little extra joy. 

Well, this first painting has begun a bit of a fixation on rainbow succulents, with I"m now fondly calling "Technicolor Botanical." I messed around a bit in my studio today to create a couple more rainbow cactis, and loved the process!

I'm planning to develop this series until I create a collection of paintings that I really love and am proud of. I will be sure to share them with you in the future! 

What have you been creating lately? 

DIY // Hometown Paintings

IMG_9540 I love the minimalist white walls + wood floor look of my new place in Copenhagen, but it definitely was in need of a little art to give it some love and character. Since I am away from home and wanted to be reminded of it sometimes, I decided to create a set of home paintings of all the places I have lived so far. The first is Arizona, then California where I attend school, and now Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark! Even though I have only been living in Denmark for abotu 2 and 1/2 months, I still consider it a home because it feels like one to me!


The only supplies you will need are canvases, a pencil, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush. This project was really simple. I just looked up images of each place and did a freehand sketch of each outline onto the canvas. You can easily print out + cut out a template if you're not as confident in your drawing skills! Then I just filled in all of the space around each outline. Doing the outside, rather than painting the state itself really made the paintings pop because they have a strong red border.

P.S. The color is up to you...I just happen to have a red Ikea desk chair I wanted to coordinate with!


The final step was to add a little heart in each city I lived in. You could also place this where the capitol of each place is, but I think this feels a little more personal. Each of these paintings only took me about 20 minutes to make!


And here is the final product! My walls are concrete so they are a bit difficult to hang, but I have them lined up on my radiator so I can see them right when I walk into my apartment every day. I think they are so cheery and personal! Try it out for yourself! x. Paige