Studio Skate: Successful Kickstarter!!


Friday was an exciting day for me business, Studio Skate, was successfully funded on Kickstarter!! It feels so good to say that :) Last night my friends and I went out to celebrate, and I will be starting first thing on Monday with orders and designs! Thanks for all of your support, even just reading my blog means the world! 


Although my project wasn't yet fully funded, I had a client who wanted this custom Texas deck finished by an early deadline for a grad present. So, I stained and painted it and had it out the door ASAP! Typically when clients ask for a custom deck they want a painting that fills all of the space on the board, so I really appreciated their simpler take for this design. This deck has a lot of pride and is going to make a great gift! 


I also shared this deck on Instagram, which was a gift for a friend that I never got around to finishing. Working on it was a good way to wipe off the cobwebs of my painting skills. Yes, I had been watercoloring a lot while living in Copenhagen, but it had been about 9 months since I worked with acrylic paint! 


And since we all need to take a break every once and a while, I relaxed by going long boarding with my friend Jake. This deck is the first longboard I ever designed...back in high school!

I hope you guys enjoyed this new series on my blog about Studio Skate, which you will see here every Sunday. Enjoy your day! x, Paige

Longboard Lady


I finished painting a custom longboard yesterday, and when it was done I was in the mood to start riding again. It had been so long since I rode this huge wood burned deck I made a few years back, but it was so fun! I'm still a bit rusty :) I have also been enjoying working on new deck orders. Just to remind you guys, there are 4 days left on my Kickstarter for Studio Skate. I can also make custom longboards, just like the one in these photos! Check it out and share it with your friends if you haven't already!


Jake and I rode around last night, and it was the most beautiful evening. We officially hit the triple digits in Phoenix yesterday, but I couldn't even tell! Wearing a vintage crop top + some cutoffs helped cool me off. This was one of those days where I didn't really care if anything matched, I just wanted to get outside and have some fun. See you tomorrow! x, Paige

Neon tee // Vintage [similar]

White studded shorts // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Skate shoes // Vans 

Backpack // Billabong [similar]

Longboard // Studio Skate 


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Photos by Jake Bouchard