Setting Up My New Painting Studio

Make room for your creativity. 

That is my best piece of advice this week, that I learned from setting up my new art studio space in my garage. 

My biggest goal for 2016 is to, ironically, paint BIGGER. I want to create more large-scale work, and needed to create a space that I could do that in and get messy. I already work from home, and have a great space to work in, but I felt that I was outgrowing it. Also, carpet on the flooring doesn't equal a great painting space always, so I knew this was a priority!

Since making this studio, I have seen such a positive change in the way I work. I am able to switch gears between office-y computer work, and then move into the garage so I can get into my studio and just focus on painting while I'm in there. 

I filmed the process so I could share it with you, and I also reflected a little bit on the space and what else it is helping me accomplish so far. 

Click below to watch my studio set-up: 

I love watching any kind of rearranging, set-up, or studio video like this one, so I hope you enjoyed it! If you have one, let me know what your creative workspace looks like, or even your dream space! I love having this new area, but I definitely have dreams for upgrading in the future!