DIY: Lazy Susan Art Supply Storage

Are your art supplies scattered everywhere? Me too, me tooooo. 

Well, at leas they were! I wanted to create a solution for all of my supplies I need to have on-hand. Of course I have more drawers stocked with extra brushes, paint, and markers, but these are my every day tools. I would often misplace them or find them lying around my workspace.

My go-to storage for the last year to store my various pens + paintbrushes were mason jars, but when they got shifted around on my desk, it started to look messy. So, I decided to attach them to something permanently. A lazy susan was the perfect solution so the items in the back would still be accessible with a quick spin. 

The steps are straightforward, so anyone could make this, and I think the overall idea is what makes this DIY special! Click below to watch my video tutorial on how to make your own:

This project has really cleaned up my workspace, which is always a plus because it gives me more space to create! Plus, I always feel like if everything has a proper spot, you're more likely put things away and keep everything tidy. And less time searching for supplies = more time creating. 

lazy susan storage diy_2.jpg

So, do you think you'll try it for your own workspace?! If so, I would love to see it! Please tweet me a photo or tag me on Instagram! My username is @PaigePoppe on both platforms. 

I think these will turn out really unique because everyone will have their own collection of jars they've found. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks so much for reading :) 

November Favorites!

Hey hey! It's the start of a new month, which means I recap the products + resources I was obsessed with in November. I love sharing these with you, and hope that you might find something new to check out + enjoy :)


In November I was loving on art supplies, jewelry, comic books, and a certain little podcast ;) Click below to watch: 

I can't explain why, but I feel the most connected to you with these monthly favorites videos. Maybe because I feel like I'm talking to a friend about things that I like + think you would like to? It's just a fun way to step inside someone's brain and find some new things to check out. 

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you have a great December! 

Art Supply Haul Video

There's nothing better than a fun trip to the art supply store to pick up some new tools to make magic with! 

At least I think so... ;) 


Jake and I dropped in to Arizona Art Supply to shop for a gift he wanted to get me for our 1 year anniversary (so fun!) and I picked up a few other supplies I had been needing and wanting. 

Watch the video below to see my recommendations! 


Products I mentioned in the video »

Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor Postcards

Acrylic Triangle (similar)

Circular Canvas

Bamboo Easel

Watercolor Aquarius Paper (one sheet

Watercolor Size 18 Neptune Brush



I love to watch videos like these, so I hope you did too! And maybe found something you'd like to try out for yourself. Thank you for watching! 

Sketchbook Essentials

IMG_9407 As an architecture student, carrying a sketchbook everyday is essential. I've also loved collecting little notebooks and journals since I was little..did somebody say Lisa Frank diary? Anyway, since I've been traveling a lot recently, I've obviously picked up a few souvenirs from each place, and lately I have been drawn to sketchbooks. I think these are the perfect things to buy in each city because they don't just sit on a shelf and collect dust. I carry these around and not only are they useful, they remind me of my travels each time I use one. Today I'm sharing my recent favorites with you!



My first favorite is this Urban Gridded Notebook by Walking-Things. I picked this baby up at the Vitra Museum in Germany and was instantly obsessed with it. I've been really into anything with a map on it recently, and this one has the city grids of over 160 countries printed on its alphabetical order to boot! Admittedly, I think this notebook is so cool I've had trouble putting pen to paper in fear that I'll "ruin" it because I'm kind of OCD like that. But since I have been traveling to a lot of the cities on its pages, I've decided I will make little collages and entries about each city that I go to!


Another pick are my staple sketchbooks by Quattro. Now I didn't pick these up while traveling, but they are the ones I use for studio and urban classes, and I carry them with me everywhere. I have talked about these sketchbooks on the blog before, but I love the quality and texture of this paper and the various sizes are just perfect in my opinion. They're also accessible online and at my favorite art store, Arizona Art Supply, so I never have to worry about running out!



My final favorite is this VitraHaus notebook I also picked up at the Vitra Design Museum. This was the perfect way to remember my trip to Vitra because it's shape is modeled after the iconic VitraHaus [pictured above] and the archetypal house shape in general. I am excited to use this one because I think the unconventional shape will be a fun challenge for drawing and notetaking.

So tell me, what are your favorite sketchbooks? I'd love to know! x. Paige