Asia Shoots, Paige Paints: Part 1

On yesterday's episode of our podcast, Asia and I were talking about the importance of creative friendships, and the projects here and I have collaborated on together. I mentioned this series which we cleverly called "#AsiaShootsPaigePaints" where I painted on top of photos from the first time Asia photographed me, our trip to Pirates Cove, and some other outdoor portraits.

While recording I realized I never shared all of these images, except for a couple here and there on Instagram! So it was finally time to post the collection. 

Stay tuned for a future blog post, where I'll share the photos of Asia that I painted on top of, of course with a blue/purple color scheme because that is so her. 


Terrace Hill at sunset, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.53.58 PM.png

The Ranch, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA

It feels good to relive these fun memories with Asia behind the camera + finally share them here! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing another way that she and I have collaborated, and I will be sure to share the photos of Asia in the future! 

Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way!