Travel Style in Austria

IMG_8059 I am back from my study tour across Europe! Now that I am home from the trip, I feel so lucky to have had this experience. One of my friends dubbed it an "architecture safari" which I think is a pretty spot-on way to sum it up. We saw so many buildings that I have only studied in pictures and articles, and seeing them in real life was so exciting. I can't wait to show you guys photos + videos from this trip and will work on some posts to sum it all up! But until then, I documented a few outfits along the way that I can share with you over the next few days.

These photos were taken in St. Gerold, Austria, outside the St. Gerold Community Center. It's a little funny considering that I just raved about the architecture, because this building wasn't a hot item on my to-see list. But it was a nice little design [my favorite parts were the wood joinery of the stairs and the weathered wooden facade] and the foggy weather was a fun setting. By the way, these photos make it look a lot colder than it actually was...we had some great weather for the entire trip which made it even better!







I can't wait to show you guys this sweater dress in a future outfit post when it won't be covered up by my raincoat. My mom found this baby on clearance at the H&M in Arizona before I left and we thought I could just wear it while lounging around at home. To my surprise when I was out shopping in København, I spotted it in the store in the trend section at full price and have seen a couple girls wearing a similar style out in the city. Lucky me! I can't wait to take it out again for a spin soon!

varsity sweater dress // H&M Scottsdale rain jacket // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen infinity scarf // H&M Copenhagen tights // H&M Copenhagen combat boots // Steve Madden backpack // leather shop in Copenhagen

Outfit photos by Parvathy Nair [pictured]