hi everyone! today i kept my outfit low-key but still stylish because i was headed to the beach and pumpkin farm with my parents. i wouldn't normally wear my rainbows with a nice outfit, but i think that the braided detail and brown leather was just what this look needed.

this gold forearm bangle that im wearing is actually an embroidery supply from the craft store that was only 59 cents!

this necklace used to have 3 triangles stacked but 2 broke off--i like it better this way anyway!

finally, i'd like to encourage that you dig around in your closet and find some pieces that you haven't worn in a while and give them new life. sometimes if you keep some items in your closet long enough, they will come back into style again. the brown leather purse and khaki green jacket i'm wearing were really inexpensive items i've had for years, but never wore much when i first got them. now, i wear them all of the time and am so glad that i hung onto them!

striped high low tee_H&M

black cuffed skinnies_Target

khaki green jacket_Last Chance

braided leather sandals_Rainbows

brown leather cross body_Forever 21

gold triangle necklace_Urban Outfitters

gold bangle_art supply from craft store

sunnies_Forever 21