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In case you haven't heard, Google Reader will be shutting down in just a couple days. In case any of you follow my blog through there, I wanted to give you a few options to make sure to keep you around, because I'm so happy you're here! IMG_2991

My favorite way to stay updated with blogs is Bloglovin'. I love that I never miss any posts from my blogger list, and it also helps me discover new content! You can follow Punkrockparti here to keep in touch!


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Thank you so much for being a reader, and I look forward what lies ahead for this blog!

xo, Paige

Shop My Closet!

Hi loves! I just wanted to let you know about the items I am selling from my wardrobe right now on Threadflip! I'm selling all of the items pictured and more and you can shop them all here. Most of these items have never been worn or worn once so they are in great condition. There is also free shipping on all items. As soon as I'm home for the summer next weekend, I will add a TON more pieces as well. Finally, the prices are a little bit higher than I would like because Threadflip takes a commission. If you are interested in an item and want it for a cheaper price, I can sell it you for less through Paypal! Just email me at to ask me about that!


Thanks for checking out the shop! You can always find the link to this online store in the sidebar on the right hand side of my blog. I hope you are having a great week!

x, Paige

"Disorder and Disarray"

IMG_0127 As promised, here is the outfit I wore to style the denim jacket I upcycled in yesterday's DIY! To avoid wearing double denim, I paired it with my leather skater skirt which also gave a nice contrast of textures. In order to not let the look get too feminine, I laced up my Sk8-Hi's and really like how the look turned out.

Today I chose a Rancid song for today's outfit because of the patch on my jacket. Listen along to one of my favorites, "Disorder and Disarray" while you view here!





IMG_0109 copy




In case you noticed, yes I did upgrade to a new camera. If you're interested, I chose the Canon Rebel T3i. It's only been a few days, but I would definitely recommend it if you are in the market!

denim jacket_DIY, see my tutorial here iron maiden tee_Urban Outfitters, sale leather skater skirt_Forever 21 hi tops_Vans, available here skull crossbody_Windsor Store skull ring_Betsey Johnson from TJ Maxx

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DIY_Flannel Shirt Backpack

flannel shirt intro Hi everyone! Today's DIY is for this really cool backpack made from an old flannel shirt! This tutorial was inspired by this tutorial on the Beautiful Mess blog, written by Kinsey from the blog Sincerely, Kinsey.

I followed all of her simple steps to make the backpack, just replacing most of the stitching with my Fabric Fusion fabric glue from Michaels. You can follow her tutorial here, or check out my few photos to learn how and see the final result!


I started off with a long-sleeved flannel button down from Old Navy that I never really wore. Cut off the sleeves, and part of the bottom of the shirt if it's too long (think about how deep of a backpack it will be). After turning the shirt inside out, fabric glue or stitch the sleeve holes shut and also the bottom of the shirt. This makes the bag.


Turn the shirt right side out, and glue down the edges of the collar of the shirt to itself. This will make the hole for the backpack tie. Find a piece of ribbon or cord to thread through the newly created opening. I used this knotted white cord from my grandma's sewing box.


Finally, using the spare fabric from the shirt sleeves, cut two wide strips that are long enough to be straps. I folded the edges inside and glued for a finished look. Then just stitch the straps to the backpack (stitches will be sure to hold better than the glue) and you're done!



There's this finished product. I can't wait to wear this backpack with a casual outfit or even to go hiking or camping! Hope you enjoyed this 3rd Holi-DIY project!

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