Stay In Touch

In case you haven't heard, Google Reader will be shutting down in just a couple days. In case any of you follow my blog through there, I wanted to give you a few options to make sure to keep you around, because I'm so happy you're here! IMG_2991

My favorite way to stay updated with blogs is Bloglovin'. I love that I never miss any posts from my blogger list, and it also helps me discover new content! You can follow Punkrockparti here to keep in touch!


If you're looking for another method, Punkrockparti is also on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms may already be part of your normal routine, and I often post content on there that you won't find in my daily posts (like the photo above).

Thank you so much for being a reader, and I look forward what lies ahead for this blog!

xo, Paige