Weekend Adventure: San Luis Obispo

This past weekend, my boyfriend Jake visited me in San Luis Obispo, CA for his spring break! Since Jake and I are long distance between Arizona + California, we have to plan ahead to see each other. 

Lucky for us, I live in the cutest town that has SO many fun things to do. I've noticed it's become a hot spot for bloggers to come visit, and I can see why! 

Today I'm sharing some of the adventures Jake and I had, and a video vlog is coming next week with even more amazing places :)

I had some presentations + an art gallery to show at on Saturday, but on Sunday the exploring began! When Jake visited me 2 years ago, we went to Montaña de Oro for the first time. It's so gorgeous there, we knew we had to go back. 

blog 2.jpg

There's always room for a dance party, am I right? ;) 

But seriously, check out that blue water. This place is insanely pretty! 

blog 4.jpg

Obviously I am really good at focusing my camera...Note to self, bring the tripod + remote next time!

blog 5.jpg

Possibly my favorite shot from the weekend? I just love the contrast of fog + flowers! 

BLOG 6.jpg
blog 8.jpg

Last time we were at Moñtana de Oro, Jake and I carved our initials into one of the benches, so we had to keep the tradition going. We also searched for our old initials, but more about that in the vlog....

blog 7.jpg

We found this little nook tucked in between the rocks that was so cool. It had a perfect view of the water, so we just sat and relaxed there for a while. 

blog 9.jpg

So we didn't stay at the Madonna Inn because I have my own house haha, but I'm dying to one day! But we did stop in for chocolate malts + sweet potato fries after our hike. This is weirdly the only photo I took of the hotel, but I have a lot of footage to go through of the cute, HOT pink interior. 

blog 11.jpg

Jake's aunt + uncle recently moved to Solvang, which is a cute Danish inspired town about 40 minutes south of San Luis Obispo. We visited them for the day and went to this really fun antique store called Piece of the Past. Antiquing is one of my favorite things to do, so I had a blast. 

blog 10.jpg

I am still dying over both of these shelves and wish I had space for one in my room now. The store made me very excited to move into a new place next year after graduation and start decorating! 

It was so nice to see Jake and adventure together. Lucky for me, I am heading to Arizona for my spring break this week, so I get to already see him again tomorrow! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming weekend vlog that will go live on my Youtube channel on Tuesday. Jake and I may have filmed another video together too...so that's coming as well! Thanks so much for stopping by today + joining our adventure!

My Valentine ❤ AKA Why Being Friends First Can Be a Good Thing

I've been wanting to write more blog posts that are a bit more personal than just sharing my latest skateboard creation or video, you know? Well, Valentines Day has got me thinking a lot about this guy right here and our love story. I've shared bits + pieces about it on Instagram, but hey, it's Valentines week + I'm in the mood to spill a bit more!

Considering we've only been dating for less than 4 months, people might find it weird that I'd blog about our relationship or be so open about it, but Jake and I have been friends for almost 5 years now! 

This week I have been stumbling across so many old photos of Jake and I, silly notes, and presents we've given each other. It's made me stop + think about how many memories we have together, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was super cool that we have all of that history together. 

I can't even believe I'm sharing this photo...but here's one of Jake and I in September 2010. This is might be the 1st photo of us ever taken together, and I think I'd already fallen for him at this point

I can't even believe I'm sharing this photo...but here's one of Jake and I in September 2010. This is might be the 1st photo of us ever taken together, and I think I'd already fallen for him at this point

Finally calling him my Valentine is pretty surreal to me still. Yes, we were best friends, but Jake and I had always wanted to be together. Just ask my best girlfriend, Courtney. God knows I have talked her ear off about Jake more times than I can count.

Jake and I in Copenhagen in March 2014. He visited me while I was studying abroad :) 

Jake and I in Copenhagen in March 2014. He visited me while I was studying abroad :) 

Dating long distance between Arizona + California always seemed to be difficult or scary, so we stayed friends for a long time. To be honest, I always hated that we were't together, but now I see how good it was. 

I totally believe that being friends first, and then in a relationship, proves how committed you are to the other person. Despite not being in a relationship, Jake and I cared about each other so much. He has been my biggest support system in getting through architecture school, encouraging me to start a business, and pursue my dreams. And he did all that without being my boyfriend. 

At the Coyotes game, December 2014

At the Coyotes game, December 2014

So as much as I hated not being together, I loved being his best friend. And now, although we're still doing the long distance thing after all these years, it was worth the wait, and we're mature enough now to handle it. 

Thankfully, I've only got a few months left until graduation. As much as I've loved every text, Facebook message, FaceTime, and phone call with this guy, it will be so nice to be able to see him whenever I want. If you've ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how hard it can be! 

Mountain biking at Papago Park this Saturday

Mountain biking at Papago Park this Saturday

So, this blog post is basically a public shout out to my Valentine, best friend, and boyfriend. To the guy that knows me better than I know myself, gives the best cuddles, and will fly across the world to come hang out with me...I love you, hehe ❤ Happy Valentines Day. 

And P.S.

For those of you that are anti-Valentines Day, I get it. I'm sorry if you hated this post. I felt the same way for a long, long time. But take it from me, just love the good friends you've got around you, and you never know what will happen next ;)