5 Unique Uses for Zip Ties

zip-ties Last night I was looking around at my room and realized I have put a few zip ties to good use! This challenged me to think up a couple more to share with you because I think they're a great tool that you may not utilize. Now for the tips!

IMG_2770 1. Hang skateboards.

Hanging a skateboard poses a difficult problem because there isn't a way to attach a hook to the board without damaging it. However, the holes (normally used for adding trucks and wheels) are perfect when you have a zip tie on hand. Just slide a tie through the front holes, attach in the back, and hang on a nail in the wall!

IMG_2771 2. Fix a broken purse.

I have to give credit to Jake for this one. The strap on my bag broke while he was in town, and this was his solution. I recommend putting some tape over the end of the zip tie after cutting it to prevent scratching yourself (I learned this the hard way...)

IMG_2781 3. Create a makeshift keychain.

This one is pretty self explanatory but is useful when you're in need of a quick solution.

IMG_2778 4. Make art.

This one is good for little hands. Remember when you were a kid and would hold markers together to make a cool drawing? Zip ties hold them together tight, making it easier to draw.

IMG_2773 5. Organize cords.

Probably the most common use for zip ties, but the most useful. The cords on my handmade chandelier are pretty long, so some small zip ties attached every couple feet keeps them safe and out of the way.


And finally a little bonus use! Earlier in the school year one of the fifth year architecture studios at my school created this amazing installation out of zip ties to hold their thesis research books. It was the talk of the school and ended up on a bunch of design websites. (image c/o suckerpunch.com)

I hope you've found a unique way to use zip ties in your own life! If I missed any, share your favorites with me below!

Have a great weekend! x, Paige

DIY_Business Card

This is something I've been needing to make for a long time. I have finally designed my own business card! I was a little stumped about what is should look like, because I wanted something that could appeal to the person I am handing a business card to, may it be an architecture firm, a person interested in a custom skateboard, or just someone that compliments my outfit! My dad actually suggested "a pyramid with different choices you can click on" and he was right on point. I like that this design highlights my different skills, but is tied together into one cohesive shape. business cards for blogging

If you're interested in designing your own business cards, I ordered mine from Vista Print and got 250 for a good deal. You can also choose from their pre-designed options, or have someone design one for you. Mine are going to arrive in 2 weeks, and I can hardly wait! I guess I'll need to DIY a business card holder in the meantime...