Art in the Garden at Berridge Nurseries

This Saturday I had the pleasure of bringing my work to Berridge Nurseries for their 18th annual Art in the Garden event! It was such a treat because the nursery is a spot my parents have shopped at for years for cacti + plants, and still do. In fact, they left with a pot of succulents, ceramic road runner, and cactus shaped bird bath in hand...ha! These are my people. 

We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day, and it was very fun to be surrounded by all of the plants. There was also a farmers market and some demonstrations. I gotta say, my favorite was from Iconic Cocktail Co. They had me try their Kaffir Lime, I die. So good + refreshing after a day outdoors. 


The surrounding was so beautiful that I wanted to share the photos with you here! I shared my prints, greeting cards, and mugs, as well as a bunch of new original work. I'll be adding many of these pieces to my site this week + next as well :) Okay, let's jump in! 


Of course I had to bring my "Camelback Rises" painting to the event, considering that Berridge has the most gorgeous view of Camelback from their lot. 


I really enjoyed having these beautiful flagstone furniture pieces to display my prints + cards. So pretty! 


This piece is one of the more abstract paintings I have ever created. I like the direction its heading in, and it's something I will explore more. 

Thank you again to Berridge Nurseries + Gordon C. James PR for having me! It was beautiful day. 

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New Original Paintings + Pedaling: Vlog

Painting + pedaling, it's what I do best. 

I am so into vlogging + editing lately, that I'm up late posting this. It's 12:40, I am tired, but I literally couldn't go to bed without digging into new footage. Therefore,


Thanks so much for watching! Like I said tomorrow, a new collection of original paintings will be available TOMORROW! Which is February 25th, 2016. They will be available at 4pm MST. Can't wait for you to collect my new pieces!

Custom Skateboard Painting for Junkie Threads!

By painting custom skateboards, I get a lot of different design ideas from clients. It is so fun to turn your vision into a painted deck!

Some of my favorite decks have come from working with apparel brands. They have an existing logo + style, but are looking to mix things up! We work together to create an awesome creation that is fun + represents their brand. 

I was so stoked to work with the guys behind local Arizona apparel brand, Junkie Threads! The faces behind the biz are Estevan + Ryan, and we had a great time throwing ideas back and forth about their deck design! 

The guys gave me a lot of artistic freedom, which I always appreciate! There only request was to incorporate a logo from one of their rad tee designs. 

As you guys know, I have some mad love for Arizona, so I wanted this thing to scream AZ pride. I presented them with a ton of options, and let them decide!

I was secretly hoping they would pick my Camelback Mountain design (option A) because I've been wanting to do a deck of the mountain forever. So I was stoked when they did! 

We actually ended up combining designs A + B, by doing a new color scheme of the Arizona flag. This was something I hadn't thought of, so I was really excited when the guys suggested this. 

And then, I hit the studio, and hand-painted this baby! It was such a fun one to do. 

True life: free-handing a logo is always kind of tricky. I have to be really focused + try not to breathe too hard (LOL) but it always ends up being my favorite part of the painting experience. I love getting the logo to look just right. 

And here's the finished deck! I love the photo below because it shows the dimension I added within the stripes (which was totally Estevan's idea and I love. it.) 

Thanks to Estevan + Ryan at Junkie Threads for the awesome deck idea! I'm stoked to hear that they love how it turned out. And I always love a chance to represent AZ!

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!