DIY // Large Plywood Chalkboard

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When I found myself with a spare piece of plywood and some leftover matte black paint from an architecture model, I decided to make a large chalkboard for my roommates. Our house needed something to write notes and lists on, and I wanted to make them something as a gift to use next year while I'm gone. This was the result!



I wrote a note for them with some of our inside jokes, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they use it in the future (via Snapchats!)

Thanks for reading! My wisdom teeth surgery yesterday went well but I haven't been feeling too great. I hope to be out of bed and style blogging soon--I have so many outfit ideas in my head! x, Paige

DIY_Chalkboard Chandelier

so my new house was in serious need of some decor! i had purchased a pack of canvases to add some art to the space, and got this idea when i found some chalkboard paint in our laundry room. this project was perfect because we can't install or afford a chandelier, and the art is also very easy to change if you get bored--just erase! let's get started

first i looked at some images of chandeliers on the internet and did a few quick sketches to decide what would look best. i had my roommates pick out their favorite one. sketching was also helpful because i wanted the drawing to be sketchy on the canvas

one_the supplies you will need are a canvas, chalkboard paint, a brush, and chalk. i used a foam brush and it worked well, but i think a bristle brush would also be fine.

two_paint the canvas with multiple coats of the chalkboard paint.

three_i painted the surface with three coats and the edges with 2 coats for a clean look

four_sketch on your chandelier. i recommend shading in some areas to provide some contrast and really make the picture stand out.

here's the final product! i'm really excited about the result, good luck with your own projects!

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