What I Wore: Vitra Haus

IMG_8428 As I mentioned the other day, one of the sites I was most excited for was Herzog and de Meuron's Vitra Haus in Whilm Am Rhein, Germany. It proved to be even better than I imagined. This building is a mix between a museum and a store, which sells furniture designed by the next-door Swiss company, Vitra. Besides having beautiful architecture, all of the furnishings were gorgeous and modern, and were styled differently in each "house." This is why the design of the Vitra Haus is so genius. Each of the archetypal house volumes creates spaces that feel like a home, so that when you shop for the furniture, you can imagine it in your own home.









When traveling, I try not to be too fussy with outfits, and just pack a lot of functional pieces so that I can site-see with ease. My staples for this tour were definitely my black raincoat, black infinity scarf, and studded combats because they go with everything. To keep my looks from not getting too basic I like to throw in a print, like this polka dot denim, instead of a plain pair of jeans.

What do you wear when you travel? Thanks for reading! x. Paige

Iron Maiden tee // Urban Outfitters, similar patterned jeans // BDG by Urban Outfitters, Chicago, similar rain coat // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen combat boots // Steve Madden infinity scarf // H&M Copenhagen backpack // leather shop in Copenhagen

Flashback to Fall

Going through my archives for my post on my 1 year blogaversary, I realized that since I have documented my outfits for over a year, I have the opportunity to take a look back and revisit what I was wearing in 2012. Fall is here, and since my style is always evolving it is fun to see outfits past. Doing this, I noticed that the only neutral that I ever really worked with was black. This fall, I am trying to work with more neutrals like oxblood, grey, and olive green. This post also kind of really made me miss my larger wardrobe at home that I had to leave behind...but that's a story for another day! dsc_1151

Edgy Aztec

Hit up your local Goodwill and dig up a gem like this colorful aztec number. Aztec prints are still in this season as far as I'm concerned, and even if they weren't, who cares?! If you want to freshen it up a bit, add some studded flair in this tutorial.


Cozy Textures: Velvet

Now that the colder months are here, you can trade out your cotton pieces with more interesting textures like velvet. This vintage LBD is a personal favorite of mine because it's so versatile. I like to transform it with a grungy print like camo, and adding a beanie takes it to the next level of casual cool.


Studio Stripes

I pulled out that beanie again, this time for a look that I would thrown on for a day spent at school in studio. To prevent the striped sweater from being a bit too basic, layer on a couple of necklaces for some added interest. A statement shoe like Doc Martens always helps in that department too!


Bold Statement Skulls

Pull out your favorite breezy summer blouse and pair it with some dark skinnies. Add a bold lip and accessory, and you're good to go! I also am [again] sporting that same favorite beanie because I never like looking too dressy. P.S. I promise I have added a few more beanies to my collection to rock this fall...!


Band Tee Babe

It wouldn't be a throwback post on this blog if we didn't include a band tee look! For this outfit, I transformed a basic match up of black tee/black pants to a new level with leather, spiked accessories, and a killer shoe. Fall is a great time to put those heels to use before it gets too slippery and snowy outside!

I hope that these looks gave you some inspiration to start styling yourself into fall! It may seem tricky to start pulling out those cold-weather pieces after a hot summer, but ease into it with some statement prints + textures!

Which was your favorite look? #1 #2 #3 #4 or #5? Let me know! xx. Paige

P.S. Hi from Switzerland! I am still on my study tour but had to get this post out to you guys so I'm not away for too long. Hope you are having a great week!

Utilitarian Layering in Malmö

IMG_7634 At 10 AM this morning my friends and I hopped on a train to hang out in Malmö for the day! Sweden is only an inexpensive 25 minute train ride from my apartment, and with a free day to explore we figured why not? Since being gone for an entire day necessitates being prepared for anything, I decided to work with layering a dress, tank top, tights, and a rain jacket. I think the colorful tank top kept the look from being too basic. Although this coat is your pretty standard black rain jacket, I love that it is cinched at the waist. It still gives me a shape and feels feminine!







tank top // UO striped dress // Target combat boots // Steve Madden tights // H&M Copenhagen rain jacket // Fashion Hunters Flea Market bag// Gypsy Warrior spike necklace // H&M Copenhagen zig zag ring // UO midi ring // H&M Copenhagen

My friends Elsa, Sheila, and I had a fun adventure today! Malmö is a bit smaller than I expected, but we got to see the famous Turning Torso building, and a few other cool finds like this bridge in the harbor. I thought you might like to see my lovely friends and what they were wearing as well! Aren't they the cutest? They are the best for always putting up with my outfit documentation.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having some fun adventures in your city! x. Paige

Studio Style off Strøget

IMG_7490 Since I was heading in to studio to work all day, I figured why not wear an outfit that doubles in comfort and style? Although this outfit could probably pass as pajamas, I figured that dressing it up with some embellished shoes and jewels would assimilate me into the surroundings. My walk to studio is always quite interesting. My studio at school is located on Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in the world, which also happens to be the most touristy part of Copenhagen. There are tons of shops, restaurants, and street performers. I always feel like I'm part of the action as I sift my way through the weekend crowds.







I actually ended up changing tonight when I got home because there was a party at my kollegium [student apartment] to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of it's construction. I had the best time and was downstairs for like 6 hours! The Danes really know how to have fun. I will have to show you an outfit soon of what I wore, because it's quite different than what you would wear to a college party in the states. But now, it is late and I am off to bed! Hope you are having a fun weekend too, x. Paige

tee // H&M Copenhagen leggings // Wet Seal combat boots // Steve Madden backpack // TimBuk2 rosary // eBay spike necklace // Forever 21