I had an amazing experience this summer interning over at my local Anthropologie in the Visual Display Department. I've assembled some of my quick photos of the projects I helped work on. I would like to note that I was not the designer for these projects, and do not take credit for my supervisor's creative work. Looking back on the weeks I worked there, it was so great to work in such a fun environment, work with power tools, and apply a little bit of my knowledge from architecture school!

1_dandelion flowers made from styrofoam and straws 2_hanging wooden structure inspired by an outdoor awning (large scale) 3_hanging wooden structure inspired by an outdoor awning (small scale) 4,5_product stands made from vintage wood banisters 6_custom cut wood joinery for awning structure 7_cardboard ornate frame for large mirror 8_painted and distressed hangers for displaying product 9_cardboard ornate frame for hanging mirror 10_cardboard ornate decorative shelf (before a coat of gold paint) 11_cardboard ornament for round mirror 12_cardboard ornate frame for mirrored vanity tray 13_cardboard ornate frame and figure drawing 14_detail of conduit and crystal chandelier