City Lights

IMG_2122 So my semester has officially ended, and my parents are in Copenhagen for the week! I am showing them all around the city, and on Saturday we leave for Germany to celebrate Christmas with the family we have there. Their visit means I've moved all out of my apartment and am living in luxury this week...and to clarify when I say luxury, I mean sleeping in bed larger than a twin! Anyway, our hotel room has an amazing view of Copenhagen's harbor front. I have actually never seen the harbor from above like this and it's just picture perfect. I love standing at the window and spotting all of the different buildings and monuments along the water. I will have to share a photo daytime of it sometime this week!






My favorite part of today's outfit are these rad leggings I picked up on Black Friday! I've honestly eyed them for like 2 years, because I'm such an avid bargain shopper, but couldn't resist the discount. I love that they're more interesting than plain black leggings, which can get a little boring. I love the grungy look they have when paired with a flannel and buckle combat boots. Today I biked all around the city with my parents, so I just threw on a cardigan, my coat, and gloves, and was good to go! What are you wearing this winter? x. Paige

flannel // Monki [similar] leggings // Hold Steady Clothing Co. [here] boots // Forever 21 [similar] beanie // Carhartt [here] ring // gift [similar]