Life Lately || Volume 8

I feel like I'm always saying I had a crazy busy week when I write these 'Life Lately' intros, but I guess that's just how my life is! But seriously I was overwhelmed with homework this week. I love that I have watercoloring and blogging to take a break with and keep me sane! After killing a group presentation on Friday, I was so happy to see the weekend. I enjoyed it by running to new place in my neighborhood, going to a great art museum with two of my architecture pals, and hung out in Nørrebro today enjoying some good food + beer. That's what I call a weekend! 

The Week in Photos:

life lately 8.jpg

1// I finally made it to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with friends yesterday, and of course I had to take a photo with the Grand Canyon tribute. I miss my home state so much! 2// I'm really enjoying watercoloring more than usual lately because it makes me appreciate living in Copenhagen even more than I already do. I hung out on a bench on the Nørrebro bridge today and worked on a painting of this scene. 3// This colorful city is just so cute! 4// There's a new OOTD video on my YouTube channel for you to watch! I'll be uploading a new video every Saturday! 

Links I'm Loving Lately: 

  • I've never satisfied my chunky black boot craving, and after seeing these Jeffrey Campbell Mulders on Soothing Sista and Feral Creature, I'm completely dying to get my hands on a pair. 
  • I need to find a better workspace this summer, and instead of buying a new desk I think I'll make one! I like this DIY one with sawhorse legs so much. 
  • I love giving you guys book recommendations from my wish list, but one that I actually snagged this week was The New Wave in Danish Architecture that a friend recommended to me. I's full of gorgeous pictures and I can't wait to dive into it!

We all have crazy weeks but having something fun to do on the side helps it seem more bearable. I'd love to know, what keeps you sane during a crazy week? Leave a comment below and let me know! See you tomorrow! x, Paige.