Spring Trenchcoat


I think we all like to raid our mom's closets some times, and this colorful trench is what I borrowed recently! Since she is in town visiting me, she packed this yellow number that we actually bought together at Target years ago. Like, it was their first designer collection ever! We have actually never gotten much wear out of it, but it is perfect for springtime in Copenhagen now and she has been wearing it a ton! I love the pop that it added to my simple striped tee and jeans combo. 


I had such a lovely Easter with my family, and I hope you did too! It's always nice to have family around for holidays. We went to service at the prettiest church, Marmokirken...entirely in Danish! But the entire thing is constructed of marble imported from Norway and is highly detailed so it was a special place to go. I also got my first tan lines of the year while sitting outside along the canal having a drink! I'm SO excited about that you have no idea. As a typically tan girl, my pale skin courtesy of winter has been so weird to me. I am ready to have some color back in my skin...and not just my coat! x, Paige. 

Trenchcoat // Target [similar]

Striped tee // H&M [similar]

Jeans // Monki 

Boots // Doc Martens

Bag // Florence leather market [similar]

Phone case // Monki